Tips for moving to Germany

Growing up often means leaving the parents house and taking own responsibilities for the future. For some it may even mean to leave their own country to work or study abroad.To many students moving to Germany is an attractive option.


Choosing Germany for your studies

Why is Germany an attractive country to study at? Germany is often seen as a country with good jobs and salaries, and a clean environment. The strong economic- and welfare system is the most important reason why foreigners migrate to Germany. In some countries, the tuition fees are very high, so students get themselves in debt at their young age in order to study. In Germany, the tuition fees are comparably low. Foreigners see more future opportunities for their career.

Apartments in Germany

Students moving to Germany find themselves faced with a challenge to find a suitable and payable apartment in Germany is just as hard as in many other countries right now. The housing demand is currently very high. To find a nice and cozy apartment, some online websites offer their help by listing attractive apartments in your price range. These listings include photos and details of the room or apartment but also offer the possibility to chat with the landlord and arrange meetings for a viewing in advance.

Depending on location and budget, such portals then suggest different rooms, apartments or shared apartments. The best known are portals such as, Immowelt and, where private individuals can present their rooms and apartments. Through that, you can get your own four walls at a well affordable price and with a little luck, new friendships arise with the roommates. In a shared apartment, many costs are shared. These include costs for electricity, water, and gas, as well as costs for shared rooms such as bathroom, living room and kitchen.



If you are looking for an apartment in a known area, a well spread network is helpful. Asking friends and acquaintances to ask around for you is the most personal way to get a room in a shared flat. In networks like StudiVZ or Facebook you can find many other options. Especially on Facebook, the room offer is large. Usually, groups are formed for this purpose which you can join and always follow the latest apartment posts. The groups usually have the name of the city in which you are searching and contain “WG Zimmer” or “Wohnung” (the German words for shared apartments or apartments). This way, you are never missing out on new apartment offers. 

Tips for your application

Apartments are becoming increasingly scarce in Germany, and demand is rising. This means that an apartment can be taken within a few days. In addition to your own application, there are numerous other submissions applying for the room or apartment. This means that your application needs to stand out. Creative ideas are usually more popular than a standard text copied from the Internet. A small introduction about yourself is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. Find something interesting about yourself, tell them a creative fact about you or a fun fact about your life.

German phone plan

Being in a new country means finding one’s own way through an unknown city and maybe even unknown country. To navigate around and also for connecting to others, nowadays the internet is important. offers a comparison of the cheapest and best phone contracts, with or without a phone. I recommend checking out their phone plan comparison and if needed ask them for help.

Electricity, gas, insurances and more

Leaving the parents house and moving to Germany or another foreign country also means taking care of insurances and electricity, gas and more contracts that are required for living in an apartment. Today, electricity and gas are traded freely, on exchanges or directly between producers and traders. Prices are determined by the market, with energy from renewable sources having legally regulated priority. In Germany, almost 1000 companies offer electricity – corporate groups, regional suppliers, municipal and local utilities, and energy traders. To find the cheapest and best suppliers, check the Stromanbieter Vergleich or Gasanbieter Vergleich and profit from new customer bonuses. For any questions, the customer support is also more than happy to help out in English.


In a nutshell

Moving to Germany might seem overwhelming but with some help and support from family, friends or the internet, it is possible. Finding a home can be done via several websites. will help you with any matters regarding your phone plan, electricity and gas contracts and more