The 5 benefits of the pandemic lockdown

The nationwide lockdown as a consequence of the global pandemic not only has a negative impact on the economy. It concurrently has psychological effects as well; the current feeling of being locked in and unable to meet family and friends often contributes to a negative mood. However, especially in this difficult crisis, it is important not to forget the positive things in life. Therefore, we have compiled some everyday benefits of the pandemic lockdown for you.

Pandemic lockdown - time to relax

Less gasoline costs during the pandemic lockdown

An initial benefit is saving gas money; depending on the length of the commute to the workplace, the usual driving costs can add up quickly.

An example calculation: With a current gasoline price of 1.10 € per liter, a consumption of 7 liters per 100 km, and a daily trip of 40 km (round trip), one saves daily 3.08 €. Given that the average month consists of 21 working days, the savings add up to 64.68 € per month. Besides saving money, not having to commute to work has a positive effect on the environment as well due to reduced CO2 emissions.

less fuel need during pandemic lockdown

Less spending on leisure activities

Even though the pandemic is causing enormous economic damage, individuals can save quite a bit by having to eliminate many leisure activities. The morning coffee at the gas station, the after-work dinner with colleagues, or a restaurant visit with friends; no matter how much we miss them, these leisure activities usually cost a euro or two. These are now saved during the Corona lockdown. Also, many other expensive leisure activities are simply not possible anymore due to the lockdown. May it be a visit to the cinema, a trip to the amusement park, a short vacation, or a visit to the club on the weekend. Depending on how frequently you did these activities, they can quickly amount to several hundred euros – which can now be deposited in the savings account.

less Make-up need during pandemic lockdown

Less consumption of cosmetic products 

The current lockdown can also be seen as an ideal opportunity to give skin and hair a break. Oftentimes, women, in particular, can now skip the daily make-up procedure in the morning. This not only provides a break for the skin but also saves money in the long run. A positive side effect is also that less make-up remover is used. Moreover, you can now also reduce the daily washing, styling, and straightening of your hair. This is not only good for the hair itself but also saves time, water, and energy.

Time for your pet in the Corona lockdown

The beloved cat or dog which normally has to get through the day mostly alone is now happy to have more company while you are doing home office or online classes. This allows you to spend time with your pet during work breaks, be it with toys or, for example, an extra walk with the dog. A clear advantage for both sides!

Healthy food during lockdown

Extensive breakfast on pandemic lockdown mornings

In addition to the morning make-up routine, you now also save the daily commute to work. Depending on the distance, you might have significantly more time in the morning to sleep longer or, for example, take the time for a hearty breakfast – the most important meal of the day – as we all know. This also makes the start of the home office day much easier.

Disadvantages of the pandemic lockdown

Of course, there are also additional costs that arise from the lockdown. Think of the additional amount of toilet paper that is now needed at home, a fuller refrigerator, or a higher electricity bill. At least against the latter, you can do something. With an electricity comparison and a change to a cheaper electricity provider, you can save up to several hundred euros a year, regardless if there is a lockdown or not.

In a nutshell

Even though the current lockdown is an unpleasant and harmful phase for most of us, there are also pleasant side effects. Especially in this difficult and uncertain time, one should not lose sight of the positive things.