5 simple Tips to lose the Corona Weight

Many of us didn’t stay as fit during the corona pandemic as we would have liked. And how could we? There was one lockdown after another, sports associations were closed and not everyone is a fan of running on their own. Now that the pandemic is slowly coming to an end, everyone could do way more sports or count each and every calorie in their food in order to lose weight. But that does not really bring joy and makes eating feel mechanical and sad. So, what can we do to drop these extra pounds now that social life is starting up again? Read this article for some helpful tips.

loose weight

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s health institute, found that Germans gained a lot of weight during the pandemic. This is not only the case in Germany. In all of Europe, the lockdown has left its traces. On average, Germans gained one kilogramm in the pandemic. Reasons for weight gain in the lockdown are the lack of opportunities to go outside and to be active, but also boredom, frustration, loneliness and many others. Now our social lives are slowly coming back to normal. If you want to find out what you can do to shake off those extra kilos corona brought you, keep reading!

1 – Healthy food

Know your trigger food

One helpful thing to do when wanting to lose weight is to write a list of the food you are often craving,  although you know it’s not good for you. You should not have this food at home anymore. An exception here or there when hanging out with family or friends is totally fine. But these foods should not be present in your daily life anymore.

Don’t skip meals

It might seem like a good idea to skip meals to lose weight. But experts do not advise doing that. The result could be that you are tired and that you are missing nutrients, leading you to snack more between the meals.   

Get healthy snacks 

Instead of eating chips or chocolate you should have healthy snacks in the house: nuts, fruits like blueberries, cranberries, veggies with hummus… That way you are not tempted to add unnecessary calories by snacking unhealthy food.

healthy food

2 – Walk and bike instead of taking the car

How many calories you burn while biking and walking depends on your weight, your speed, the time and the distance. Here are some average numbers to give you an idea why it might be useful for you to leave the car in the garage and to avoid the bus. 


The average person burns 232 kcal per hour when they are walking at an average walking speed of 5 km/h. In a British study, walking was associated with a significantly reduced BMI. Of course, you can increase the speed, the intensity, and the conditions as you get more used to walking. If you do that, you will burn even more calories. 


The average person burns 563 kcal per hour when they are biking at a speed of 20 km/h. Of course it depends on your weight and your speed. Here you can check how many calories you burn when biking. Biking reduces a BMI even more than walking. In the aforementioned British study it was found that participants who bike to work weigh about 5 kilograms less than participants taking the car or public transport.


3 – Drink less alcohol

Drinking alcohol can increase the fat in your body. Alcohol has about 7 calories per gram. Additionally, it can increase your appetite and lead to fast food cravings. So maybe don’t drink every week and make alcohol a speciality instead of a normality in your life. 

4 – Fun workouts

To lose weight and to get some cardio you should try out some fun workouts. Please choose workouts which are actually fun for you, not just workouts which look intense or healthy. If you actually enjoy doing the workouts you will be more enthusiastic and you won’t feel forced to workout. An additional benefit, you will burn more calories.


5 – Do not beat yourself up!

The most important thing to remember is that you are perfect the way you are. If you want to lose weight for your own benefit, you should! But do not let social media and advertisements bring you down. We keep comparing ourselves to everyone else, but only we know what’s best for us. So take good care of yourself and don’t give up. You will manage to drop these corona kilos, even if it takes a fews months. 

In a nutshell

All in all, it is not impossible for you to drop these kilos you gained in corona times. In fact, you are not alone. Many of us struggled with weight gain and the limited options of activities. Now that the activities are starting again you can follow the tips of this article and will recognise a change in your body weight in no time. And always remember: don’t give up and you can do this!