10 things for your Summer Bucket List 2021

Summer, sun, and… boredom? We all have been there: you finally have time off and can relax but after some time you get bored. To prevent this from happening, we have put together a small „Summer Bucket List“ for you.

Create your summer soundtrack

“Every summer has its own soundtrack” as they say. Hence, make sure that your memories this summer are accompanied by great music. Whether it’s new tracks from the charts or old classics, you will find a wide selection of songs on iTunes and Spotify. These tools will help you to create the perfect summer mix.

Read a book

Whether on the beach, in the park, or at home: the free summer days invite you to finally take the time to immerse yourself in another world. 

For all those who are in search of food for thought, we recommend the novel by Maja Lunde „The History of the Bees“. In her novel, the Oslo-born author clarifies the dependence of humans on bees and questions pressing issues of our current period of time. For example, the novel questions how we deal with our nature and its creatures, what future we will leave behind for the next generations, and if we are prepared to stand up for change. In sum, the novel is highly recommendable since it wraps current urgent questions and problems into a great story.

If you need more inspiration for something new to read: You can find databases filled with great stories, divided into popular subjects and recommendations online.


Plan an activity

No matter if it’s sunny or rainy, sitting around at home should not be an option. So, plan fun activities like stand up paddleboarding or bouldering. Activities like these are great ways to do something with your friends and you can book them in most bigger cities. Oftentimes beginner courses are offered as well; so you do not have to be concerned if you have no prior experience. On rainy days, a visit to a bouldering hall or trampoline hall can be worthwhile and provides a lot of fun. Find out online what is possible in your city and plan your next activity.

Try a new cooking recipe

Barbecues on mild summer evenings are always nice and entertaining. To add a little variety to the standard barbecue menu, it can be worthwhile trying out new recipes. While you can find new recipes online, it should not stop you from being creative and trying out other ideas.

Plan an outdoor Movie Night

Lukewarm summer nights, a clear starry sky, and an entertaining movie: sounds like a good evening, does it not? More and more cities are offering so-called “open-air cinemas” in which current movies, as well as old classics, can be enjoyed under a clear starry sky. Great point for your summer bucket list.

Make your own ice cream

Summer temperatures and a bright blue sky invite you to go for ice cream. Why not make your own ice cream and save unnecessary expenses as well as calories? Making your own ice cream is not only healthier, but also a fun activity with friends or family. You can find plenty of recipes online and experiment with your favourite flavors and crazy ideas as well as texture.

Plan a game evening 

Also, a games evening with friends and family is perfect for long summer evenings. Especially fun are games that require you to physically move such as “Viking’s Chess”. In this game, two teams fight for the main viking’s life with the help of wooden blocks and batons. This game will provide you with a lot of fun and is highly recommended.

If you prefer to take it easy and strategic – with less physical movement being required – you cannot go wrong with the classic board game „Carcassonne“. In this game, in order to win, castles, streets, and meadows have to be occupied. Another big plus: there are a lot of expansions that provide additional content for the game. Thus, the game becomes even more exciting and you will not get bored easily.

If you are a talkative person, you probably will not win the game „The Mind“ – or maybe you will? In this game, which has not been named „Game of the Year 2018“ without a reason, cards must be placed in an ascending row without any gestures or verbal communication. A challenge for most, it appears.

Plan an excursion

You have no vacation planned but are still thirsty for an adventure? Plan a trip to a city or nearby forest you have not been to yet. A trip to a lake or sea, if you have one nearby, can also be worthwhile. Be spontaneous, don’t think too long, and enjoy the newly gained impressions.


Spend an afternoon at the outdoor pool

Spending an afternoon in an open-air swimming pool or at the nearby lake may seem like an obvious choice during the hot summer days: grab your swimsuits, friends, as well as a little picnic box and enjoy a day in the water.

Create a photo album #Summer

You can relive your memories from this summer even many years down the road if you create a photo album filled with pictures from your summer adventures. Hopefully you found ideas for your Summer bucket list 2021. There are numerous design ideas online which show you how to make a personal and unique photo album. #scrapbooking